We are currently working on the 3rd edition of the festival. It will be from the 15th of September to the 1st of October 2020.
The Godmother of the event will be the dancer Silvia Funes.


The theme of the next edition of the festival is ‘Light’.


It will take place in the beautiful city of Treviso, 40 km from Venice. The festival takes place in the following areas of the city:
Borsa SquareCrispi SquareUniversity Square – S. Maria de Battuti SquareSan Vito SquareCloister of San FrancescoSagrado church of San Vito Santa Lucia and Sant’ AgostinoLatin Neighborhood


Fabio Cavessago


Our goal is to bring art free of charge to the center of the squares, a moment to reflect, focus on an image, get excited, look up and look at the buildings as if they were an open-air museum, with no entrances or exits.

Il Nostro Obiettivo è di portare l’arte in forma gratuita al centro delle piazze, un momento per riflettere, focalizzare un’immagine, emozionarsi, alzare la testa e guardare i palazzi come se fossero un museo a cielo aperto, senza entrate o uscite.


We thank the following companies for having contributed with their donations to the festival

Si ringraziano le seguenti aziende per aver contribuito con le loro donazioni a realizzare il festival