Dance performance

Directed by Silvia Funes’ Fifth dance school in Treviso.

The performances will take place on some festival squares and on the inaugural day at Palazzo Rinaldi.

Photo Contest

Take photos with your Smartphone in the city of Treviso during the festival from 4 to 21 June. Post them on your Instagram profile by adding #trevisophotographicfestival. The best photo will win a prize.

Guided visit to the Cloister of San Francesco, exhibition venue.

Guided visits to the Cloister are organized (at least 8 people). Introduction to the history of the Cloister and visit of the photos exhibited at the festival.

Workshop / fine art photography walk in Treviso

Going down the streets of Treviso in a laboratory of fine arts / street photography, beginners or professionals, cell phones or DSLRs are welcome. You will be taught how to view and create a scene before it happens. Get ready to increase your photography level on an exceptional path and take some fantastic pictures home.

Social aperitif

Meetings will be held at some venues near the festival to meet the curator and some artists. The aim is to socialize, talk about the festival, meet new people. Our festival is built around social networks but also on the solid roots of our history and our squares. A way to meet, get to know each other, socialize and exchange ideas.